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My ​'dabbled' version of one the all-time great traditional wets. The original Silver Invicta is, in my book, as close to prefection as it gets - fish and angler appeal by the bucket-load. The inspired colour scheme and design makes it both suggestive (again, as with flies like the Pearly Dabbler, hog-louse, corixa, sedge pupa, fry etc are all covered) and attractive, and therefore worthy of a place on any cast, any line, anywhere, anytime. The Dabbled version doesn't necessarily improve on the original, but does appeal to my sense of order when I want to fish the Silver Invicta in a team of three dabblers!   


Silver Invicta Dabbler

Hook: Size 10,12 or 14 Kamasan B175, or B170.

Tail: Yellow cock fibres.

Rib: Silver wire.

Body: Flat silver tinsel​.

Body Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed ginger.

Shoulder Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed 'Silver Doctor Blue'.

Cloak & Throat: Bronze mallard.

Cheeks: (optional) JC splits.

Thread: Black UTC 70 denier.


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