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​​One of the more successful experiments from 2012, tempting a good few fish as far afield as Skye, Orkney, Stocks, Bewl and Rutland. With nothing particular in mind food-item wise, but vaguely suggestive of fry and corixa, I'd consider it a 'suggestive attractor'.  My preference is on the middle dropper, surrounded by quieter flies. Dress it with hen, and keep it on the skinny side.

Redneck Dabbler

Hook: Size 10,12 or 14 Kamasan B175, or B170.

Tail: Blood red cock fibres.

Rib: Gold wire.

Body: Mirage.

Body Hackle: Furnace hen.

Shoulder Hackle: Red hen.

Cloak & Throat: Bronze mallard.

Thread: 'Wine' UTC 70 denier.


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