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My take on the ubiquitous Pearly Dabbler. Another good performer at any position on the leader, being suggestive of just about any aquatic food items you care to think of - hog-louse, corixa, sedge-pupa, fry, shrimp, buzzers - they're all covered here. Vary the colour of the body hackle, and/or the mallard to match local hatches more specifically, or simply bump up the colours to make a great attractor. Performs all the way through the lines too.


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Pearly Dabbler

Hook: Kamasan B175, B170 or B160.

Tail: Bronze mallard.

Rib: Silver wire.

Body: Mirage.

Body Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed golden olive.

Cloak & Throat: Bronze mallard.

Thread: Black UTC 70 denier.


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