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Hatching Buzzer


A quick, simple and very effective dry/emerger pattern tied specifically for when the fish are fixed on the latter stages of buzzer life-cycle. Parachute and 'Klink' style flies will often do the job just as well, but I do like the attitude of the submerged part of this fly (a little deeper in the film, and a little more vertical) brought about by omitting the parachute hackle. Sometimes little things makes the difference.

​Hook: Size 10,12 or 14 Kamasan B100. 

Rib: Oval Gold.

Body: Hare's ear​. 

Thorax: As body.

'Wing': CDC

Thread: Black or Tan UTC 70 Denier.



Vary body colours/materials to suit hatch - see

black & red seal's fur version below.



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