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Viva Fever


Hook: Fulling Mill 31531 Black Nickel.

Tail: Mixed Marabou: 'Citrus burst', chartreuse, black.

Rib:  Chartruese wire (UTC).

Body: Wound Marabou: Citrus burst.

Wing: As tail.

Slips: Fine Mirage or similar.

Cheeks: JC splits.

Head: Deer Hair: 'Cat Green'.

A good template for varying the colour schemes

to suit the season/light etc. Try orange, sunburst,

all-black, yellow, olive.

I'll be classifying this one as a lure due to its size and 'Viva' bloodline, and a little nod to the Orkney/Shetland style muddler mini- lures such as the 'Norski Lad' and 'Merkister Maid' etc. As with its cousins from the northern isles, the Viva Fever was designed primarily for sunk-line work, and for getting a reaction out of fish preoccupied with daphnia. A good fly for the tail position, 'holding its end up', giving a nice sweep, searching the depths. A good general early season pattern too.

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