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Peachy Palmer


Having pretty much bought into the myth that Orkney trout won't look at anything other than peach, this one was designed for our Orkney trip in 2012. The peach-based flies worked just fine, but no better than standard drab traditional patterns. I guess as always, it's a case of picking your moments as far as colours go. My best resuts for the peach-based stuff seemed to come in good to bright light. Still, a useful fly, which has caught well back on the mainland, too.

Hook: Kamasan B175 or B170.

Tail: A few strands of peach straggle .

Rib: Glo-Brite No.8, doubled.

Body Mix: ​Peach seal's fur

Body Hackle: Brown olive hen.

Shoulder Hackle: As body hackle.

Thread: 'Burned Orange' UTC 70.


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