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Silver Invicta Crippler


One of my favourite Cripplers, the 'Silver Invicta' is never far from my mind or my leader when fishing for wild browns, but has a fine record with quality rainbows too. I really like this fly tied on a 12 and fished on the middle dropper with maybe the 'Kate' or claret cripplers on the top, and a 'Clan' or 'Bibio' crippler on the tail. Some flies just suit a size 12 better than a 10 - this one certainly does - and I think that goes for the standard Sulver Invicta too. And as with the the standard, it suggests many different food items, such as, shrimp, corixa, sedge pupae, drowned terrestrials, and so on. Indispensible.

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Hook: Kamasan B175 or B170 size 10 or 12.

Rib: Oval silver or silver wire.

Body: Flat Silver.

Body Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed ginger.

Shoulder Hackle:  Yellow GP body feather.

Head Hackle Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed 'Silver Doctor Blue'.

Thread: Black.


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