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Wine Dabbler

Hook: Fulling Mill 31531 Black Nickel sizes 10, 12 or 14

Tail: Ginger, cree or furnace cock

Rib: Fine black wire

Body: 'Wine' Holographic (UTC)

Body Hackle: Furnace cock

Cloak: Bronze mallard.

Thread: 'Wine' UTC 70 den


One of those 'night before' flies (we all do it, don't we?) and for a change, it caught! Tied the night before a trip to Malham Tarn.. If the forecast held good, I was hoping to be fishing a team of dabblers high in the water, so I palmered this one with cock. The forecast held good and a team of three dabblers was selected. Twenty minutes later, and one of Malham's finest made a big mistake.. my first 5lb fish off Malham for the 2015 season. Three more good fish came to the 'Wine' later in the day. A few days later and the same fly helped get me through to the Lexus final, nobbling a cricket score of rainbows for me in the floating line only heat of the Lexus qualifiers at Stocks. Just a bit of whim, but for this time of year (July) if you squint, it's ever so vaguely suggestive of sedges, heather flies, daddies etc etc.








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