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Groundhog & Silver

I recieved a few flies from a friend earlier this week, one of them being a rather tasty 'Mallard & Silver'. It looks to me like being a great allrounder. Should be effective in most lighting conditions, and vaguely suggestive of a good few items on the trout's menu - small fry, sedge pupae, corixae etc. Potentially a good optiion for any position on the leader, although it screams middle dropper to me, but I can easily see it doing a turn on top or tail. Anyway, I set about knocking myself a few up, but decided to sub the mallard for groundhog hair to introduce a little more mobility, translucency and contrast. Really looking forward to giving this one a swim on Malham and Stocks, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it travels well too - I can see it working well on midlands waters as well as lochs..

Gold or Mirage bodied variants would seem to be logical accomplices, to suit varying lighting conditions etc.

Not yet available 'off the shelf' in the fly shop, but available as a custom tie, or, if you tie yourself, groundhog patches are available in the shop.

For dressing see 'Groundhog & Silver' on main website.

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