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Peter Ross Dabbler

Hook: Kamasan B175 sizes 10 or 12.

Tail: Ginger/brown cock hackle fibres.

Rib: silver wire or oval.

Body: Flat silver dubbed with red seal'sfur over front thrird.​​

Body Hackle: Grizzle Hen dyed ginger.

Cloak: Bronze mallard.

Thread: Black  UTC 70 den.

A dabbler that has risen to the upper echelons of my dabbler army over the last fiver years or so. The original Peter Ross being something of a 'bogey' fly, giving it the dabbler treatment was never high on my list of things to do at the vice, until, that is, George Barron tipped me off and recommended it as a great back-end pattern for Rutland when competing there in my first National Final. George was right, and the 'Peter Ross' dabbler took the loin's share of my fish that weekend in practice when condiditions favoured. Sadly for me, condidtions on matchday were anything but conducive to fishing wets, but at least I had confidence in a new fly. As always, confidence is key, and this little beauty is never far from my thoughts when I need a little. An excellent fly from late spring onwards, working well from Bewl, all the way through to Orkney and beyond.


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