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'Orkney Peach' Duo

Hook: Size 10, 12 or 14 Kamasan B175 or 170

Tail: Bronze mallard dyed orange.

Rib:  Gold wire.

Body: Fluo 'Orkney Peach' yarn.

Body Hackle:​ Grizzle hen dyed 'Golden Brown'.

Cloak: As tail.

Thread: UTC 'Burned Orange' 70 Den.​

​Muddled O.P. Dabbler

Dress as for Dabbler, leaving room up-front

for muddler head of natural deer hair.

Tied for our Orkney 2012 trip,  the dabbler fared quite well tied on a size 12, on Harray loch, in the sunshine. The jury is still out on the muddler. It would help though if I fished it more. Watch this space...

O.P. Dabbler​


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