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Hook: Size 10 or 12 Kamasan B175 or B170.

Tail:  Rabbit or Mink.

Body: Black and gold UV micro straggle.

Wing: As tail, tied in bunches, hog-style.

Cheeks: JC splits.

Shoulder Hackle: Black Hen

Thread:  Black UTC 70 Denier.



As above but substitute hare for grey mink.

Substitute straggle for silver/UV.

I tied this one for the Lexus final on Grafham, 2010, in case bream fry were on the agenda. What we got was killer shrimp! Still, it nobbled a few fish in the practice sessions, and continues to do so when a 'rules' fry pattern is required. Tying bunches of fur, 'hog' style along the shank packs in a lot of fur, and therefore a lot of movement that would otherwise be difficult within competition rules. Both the mink and hare versions have been deadly fry/mini lure patterns for me over the last 5 or six years.



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