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Dawson's Olive (Variant)n


Hook: Size 10 or 12 Double.

Tail:  'West of Ireland Golden Olive' Marabou.

Rib:  Gold wire.

Body: Wound olive marabou.

Body Hackle: Olive hen.

Wing: Mixed marabou colours - various olives.

Slips: M.O.P. Rootbeer

Cheeks: JC splits.

Shoulder Hackle: Olive Hen

Thread:  'Brown Olive' UTC 70 Denier.

Most of my flies are tied to international rules, but every now and again I'll tie something for the 'big box'.. and even fish them occasionally! This Dawson's variant allows the properties of marabou to be exploited to the full, and as a result, hardly ever fails to catch a few fish.

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