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General Purpose Daddy


​Hook: Size 8 or 10 Kamasan B100 or 170.

Rib: Fine gold wire.

Body: Hare's ear​ and Squirrel mix - 50/50,

plus a pinch of pearl 'Ice Dub'.

Body Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed golden olive.

Wings: Cree cock.

Legs: Knotted pheasant tail.

Shoulder Hackle: As body hackle.

Thread: UTC 70 Denier - 'Brown Olive'




This has long since been my go-to Daddy, dry or wet. There's lots of appendages to get trapped on the surface film, making it fish well without the addition of any kind of floatant. Fish it singly, in two's, or even a trio in a good blow. It's a great wet pattern too - take your pick: fish it as a bushy bob fly on any line, or fish it on the tail to hold up a team of small wets or even nymphs.

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