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Hairwing Hare


Hook: Kamasan B175 0r 170 size 8, 10, 12 or 14.

Tail: Grey or Pine squirel, or hare.

Rib: Oval gold.

Body: Hare's Ear and squirrel - 50/50

Body Hackle: Cree or furnace hen.

Wing:  As tail.

Head Hackle: As body hackle.

Thread: 'Brown Olive' UTC ​70 den.

A 'must have' Hairwing. Another of those flies that seems to succeed largley by virtue of its sheer simplicity. Whatever the trout are looking for, they'll surely project those thoughts on to the Hairwing Hare. As will all vague, suggestive patterns, just vary the size of the fly, your choice of line, depth and position on the leader, and pretty much everything that swims or flies is covered. From Mayfly, daddies and sedge to hoglouse and shrimp.


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