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'Fiery Claret Crippler


One of the originals in the Crippler series which has become a firm favourite, and regular on my loch-style casts. It's performed well on both Malham Tarn and way up the road on the main Orkney lochs. Top or tail positions, and loves a dark, moody day.

Hook: Kamasan B175 or B170 size 10 or 12

Butt: Flat gold.

Rib: Oval gold.

Body: Seal's fur mix: Claret & Fiery Brown.

Body Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed 'Golden Brown'.

Shoulder Hackle: Bright red GP body feather.

Head Hackle Hackle: As body hackle.

Thread: Red or 'Wine' UTC 70 denier.


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