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Hook: Kamasan B175 sizes 10 or 12.

Rib: Oval gold .

BodySeal's fur mix: fiery brown, light

claret, 'Ant Black', ginger.

Body Hackle: Red/brown hen.

​Shoulder Hackle:  GP feather dyed orange.

​​Cheeks: Jungle cock splits.

Head: Natural deer hair​.

​Thread:​ UTC 140 den - black.

Cheeky Bugger

The 'Cheeky Bugger' is simply a 'Bugger's Muddle' with some added jungle cock cheeks to enhance the buggy feel of the fly, suggestiing of all manner of summer terrestrials. So far, it has caught fish for me from Stocks, Malham Tarn and the Lake District's Angle tarn.



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