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​Soldier Hobbler

Hook: Kamasan B175 or B170 size 10 or 12

Butt: Glo-Brite No.3 or 4

Rib: Gold wire

Body: Red seal's fur​.

Body Hackle:  Grizzle hen dyed ginger

Cloak: Bronze mallard.

Legs: Knotted pheasant tail.

Thread: Red UTC 70 den.

Good consistency, plus a couple of red-letter days meant the 'Soldier Hobbler' didn't take long to earn its stripes, and a guaranteed future plot in the fly box. I probably fish this more than the standard Soldier Palmer now, although there are times when the Hobbler is too much, and a plain old Soldier will outfish it no problem.  Fish this one on the top dropper, the top dropper, or the top dropper. A fly for the second half of the season.


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