Dyed Teal



Teal is one of the fly tyer's staple feathers, forming the basis of many classic flies. The boldly marked feathers provide strong contrast and can exaggerate the illusion of movement and life. It's many uses include tails, throats, shoulder hackles etc on everything from beaded Trout & Grayling bugs, to  nymphs, wets, dries and mayflies, to name but a few. Available in WOIGO and Orkney Peach at the moment, but watch this space for more colours coming very soon - Flou Yellow, Flou Red, Natural and more.

Bag of approx 50 feathers of assorted sizes.

Dyed Teal - Orkney Peach

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Dyed Teal - Fluo Yellow

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Dyed Teal - WOIGO

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