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More ​Viva Variants


Hook: Size 10,12 or 14 Kamasan B175 or B170,

or black equivalent.

Tail:  Fluo green Marabou or Glo-Brite No.12

Rib: Flat Silver.

Body: Black thread or floss.

Wing: Black marabou.

Slips: Fine Mirage/pearl.

Cheeks (optional): JC splits.

Shoulder Hackle: Black Hen

Thread:  Black UTC 70 Denier.

A couple more Viva variants worthy of your attention. Rather than tie them on size 8 or 10 hooks and fish them as out-and-out lures, I like to keep these two Viva variants on the small side - 12 or even 14 - and mix them up with wets and/or cormorants etc.  It goes without saying that they're a first choice for early season work, but don't forget them through the summer either if the water gets murky.

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