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Black & Red Booby


Hook: Size 10, 12 or 14 Kamasan B175 or B170.

or black equivalent.

Rib: Fine black wire

Body: Red holographic.

Body Hackle: Black hen.

Legs: Pheasant tail dyed black, knotted.

Eyes: Black foam

Thread:  Black UTC 70 Denier.




Following on nicely from the black and red theme of the McConn's Ace is one of my most successful Booby designs. It's one of those that practically ties itself, and I should imagine that many others have come up with something remarkably similar if not identical. This one works well on any time of year, any line and at any speed or style of retrieve. The buggy, leggy style means that it's at its best when it's fished slowly and very high in the water through thge summer months.

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