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'Claret Crippler


Another of the early Cripplers, and one that that I wouldn't be without on any wild water. My favourite colour when the light goes and things get mean and moody. Based on the Claret Bumble colours: Claret, gold and blue, which means we're off to good start. The extra kick from the GP body feather does the rest. Top or tail for me, with a bit of flash on the middle dropper, perhaps..

Hook: Kamasan B175 or B170 size 10 or 12.

​Rib: Oval gold.

Body: Claret seal's fur

Body Hackle: Claret hen.

Shoulder Hackle: Bright red GP body feather.

Head Hackle Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed 'Sliver Doctor Blue', or jay.

Thread: 'Wine' UTC 70 Den.


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