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​Groundhog Hairwing


Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10 or 12, or

Fulling Mill 31531 black nickel.

Tail: Black cock.

Rib: Silver wire.

Body: Flat silver.

Body Hackle: Black hen.

​Wing: Groundhog.

​Hackle:​ Grizzle hen.

​Thread:​ UTC - black.

Groundhog is very similar to squirrel, but a wee bit thicker and stiffer. It's quite beautifully marked - lots of shades and contrasts going on along the length of the hair, blending nicely with paractically any other materials you care to match it with. What I like about this stuff is it sits very comfortably with blacks, silvers etc, so I knocked up this wee number as an alternative to the red/brown/gold hues of the Hairwing Whickham etc. As a rule of thumb, I'd use the black & silver in good to poor light, as opposed to the red/brown/gold of the Whickham in good to bright light.


Groundhog hair patches available in shop.


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