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Tied by Me - Photographed by Me

A few different image styles of my own flies. Mostly taken with a Canon 40D, and 60mm macro lens...

Black & Red DHE

Thunder Kate Dabblers

Dirty Filthy Sooty DHE

Black Pearl Hobbler

Claret Dabblers

Bibio Bumble

Bibio Bumble

Bumble's Bums

Cripplers at Sunset

Cripplers at Sunset II

Shrimpy Crippler

Black Threadless Buzzers

Claret Muddler

Fiery Claret Muddler

Wine Dabbler

Mink Hog

Dark Olive Threadless Buzzer

Ornage Ordie

Muddler Detail

Skarra Mongers

Skarra Monger

Kate O'Mara

Hairwinged Whickham

Loch Ordies

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