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Dirty Filthy Sooty DHE

​Hook: Size 10,12 or 14 Kamasan B100.

Body: Sooty Olive seal's fur

Rib: Grey Nano Silk

Thorax: As body.

'Wing': Olive or Natural deer hair

Thread:  UTC 'Brown Olive 70 Den.




A One of my favourite DHE variations -  you simply can't go wrong with a nice dirty, filthy, sooty olive! Great at practically any time of year, regardless of hatches. Scale this one up to size 10 or even 8 for a superb dry mayfly pattern.

I also found a good use for that godawful stuff known as 'Nano Silk' when I designed this pattern - I used it as a rib. It's strong, light and has a nice subdued shine to it. Perfect for ribbing dry flies, but pretty much useless for anything else!

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