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Golden Dabbler (variant)

Hook: Kamasan B175 or 170 size 10 or 12.

Tail: Bronze mallard or ginger cock hackle

Rib: Oval gold.

Body: Seal's fur mix: golden olive, ginger.

Body Hackle: Ginger cock.

Cloak: Bronze mallard.

Thread: Burnt Orange UTC 70 den.


The one that started it all - Donald 'Dabbler McLearn's 'Golden Dabbler - or at least, my take on it. This isn't a dabbler you hear mentioned very much at all these days, yet to my mind, it's still as effective and as relevant as it ever was. People like to 'pimp' stuff up - myself included - which is all well and good when there's some thought process behind it. I do often wonder though how many dabbler fans have even heard of this fly, let alone tied or tried? You simply couldn't to pay me enough to leave this out of my summer fly box. Stunningly beautiful, simple and devastatingly effective. Nothing short of perfection. A true 'superfly'.








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