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Black Pearl Hopper


​Hook: Size 10, 12 or 14 Kamasan B170 or 400

Rib: Opal Mirage

Body: Seal's fur: 'Blood Black', Ant Black, balck or dark claret.

Legs: Pheasant tail dyed claret or black, knotted.

Shoulder Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed red.

Head hackle: Black or dark claret hen.

Thread: Black.




It dawned on me when I was adding this fly to the site that this section is a little short on hoppers. I'll try to remedy that asap and add a few more of my favourites. Having said that, I seem to use hoppers more as wet flies than out-and-out dries these days. Dries they are are though, albeit extremely useful as wets.. I tied this one on the back of the success of the 'Black Pearl Dabbler', and it's been a cracking addition to my hopper box. Obviously useful as a dry heather fly pattern, but also handy when red or black buzzers abound, especially when on the large side. Already done damage for me on waters as diverse and far-flung as Chew, Cow Green, Malham and Stocks.



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