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The standard Claret Bumble (or pretty much any claret pattern for that matter) takes some beating on wild waters for browns, especially in poor light. The 'CBM' gives an alternative profile to a Claret Bumble as well as providing some extra presence in a good wave. For some reason I'm ill at ease fishing standard bumbles (tied with cock-hackle palmers) on sinking lines deeper than a slow intermediate, which is another reason for the 'Bugger's Muddle' series - much better suited to sunk-line work, in my opinion, than 'cocky' bumbles.​ If you're casting into anything between strong lager and Guiness, then claret is always worth a swim, as it is on most waters, especially when the light levels are low.


Try to buy rich, warm 'true' claret materials if you can, rather than the nasty 'purpley' shades so often passed off as claret. Don't forget claret for the rainbows, too.


Hook: Size 10 or 12 Kamasan B175, B170 or B160.

Rib:  Gold wire or oval gold.

Body: Seals fur - claret.

Body Hackle: Claret hen.

Shoulder Hackle 1: GP body feather - red.

Shoulder Hackle 2: Grizzle hen dyed 'Silver Doctor Blue'.

Head: Natural deer hair.

Thread: Black UTC 70 or 140 Denier.

Bugger's Muddle - Claret


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