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Deer Hair

Please be aware:

Supplies of raw deer hair are, if you'll excuse the pun, somewhat patchy at the moment, and thanks to many of you having time on your hands, demand for dyed colours is extremely high. Please place your order on the understanding that it may, in some cases, take two to three weeks before your order is ready to post. Please be assured that once you have placed your order it will be processed and posted as soon as humanly possible.   

Premium Roe

Dyed & Natural

Hot-dyed deer hair has a habit of curling when it dries, and is too bulky to send as a 'large letter' at the standard rate. The next postage class up is 'small parcel', which unfortunately adds another £2.45 to the price.


Natural, undyed deer hair is much flatter, therefore up to three patches can be posted at the standard rate of £1.99 without incurring a surcharge. More than three patches of natural deer hair will incur the same £2.45 surcharge as dyed hair.


If you are ordering, or have already added ANY number of DYED deer hair patches, or, more than THREE patches of natural deer hair to your cart, then please be sure to click on the parcel opposite and add the deer hair surchage to your cart.



Ordering Deer Hair?

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