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Red Arrow Cruncher

​Hook: Kamasan B170 or 175 sizes 10,12 or 14.

Tail: Golden Pheasant tippets.

Rib: Fine silver oval or wire

Body: Seal's fur: Rear half: red, front half: black claret.

Cheeks: JC splits

Hackle:Furnace hen

Thread: Red or 'Wine' UTC 70.

A handy little seal's fur bodied cruncher for when the action - big, red buzzers - is happening in the top few inches and you want to slow the sink rate down a wee bit. Based on the Red Arrow colour scheme, the crunched version sits halfway between wet fly and nymph, but should be considered and fished primarily as a nymph - top dropper, when fished as part of a 'straight through' team (or even with a couple of skinnier buzzers below) or somewhere along a washing line.

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