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Squirrel & Wine 'Diawl Bach'


As with the 'Wine Cruncher', the 'Squirrel & Wine Diawl Bach' provides a nice little alternative to straight red or red holographic crunchers and diawls. The use of squirrel as opposed to hare's ear give you a few more tones for your money, and a little extra 'bugginess' albeit a little trickier to dub - add a pinch of the underfur if you struggle. great fly throughout the season, especially when buzzers are on the menu. A figure of eight retrieve on a floating or intermediate line is usually all that's required.


​Hook: Size 10,12 or 14 Kamasan B175 or 170. 

Tail: Ginger cock.

Rib: UTC 'Wine' holographic tinsel.

Body: Grey squirrel or hare's ear​. 

Thorax: As body.

Throat Hackle: As tail.

Cheeks: JC splits.

Thread: Black or Tan UTC 70 Denier.



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