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On the one hand, I'm not really stuck for Soldier Palmer variants, but on the other, they all work, very well indeed, so why not try another? !! The 'Soldier Palmer Dabbler Muddler' has already done great things for me in recent years, and although it would seem to fill this kind of niche very well, it seems to be better suited and more effective dressed sparingly on 10's and 12's. Buggering the soldier results in a pattern with more presence without going up a hook size or bulking up the dressing too much.


Don't forget to try muddlers on the tail too... makes for a nice, spiritually and ethically 'clean' (if you worry about such things, that is) alternative to a booby, holding things up 'washing line' style, or simply  accentuating the curve when used on the tail in conjunction with sinking lines.


Hook: Size 10 or 12 Kamasan B175, B170 or B160.

Butt: Glo-Brite No. 4.

Rib:  Gold wire or oval gold.

Body: Seals fur mix: red, ginger, fiery brown.

Body Hackle: Grizzle hen dyed ginger.

Shoulder Hackle: GP body feather - red.

Head: Natural deer hair.

Thread: Red UTC 70 or 140 Denier.

Bugger's Muddle - Buggered Soldier
More Soldier variants:


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