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One of my first and favourite incarnations of the bugger's Muddle. A darker body-mix than standard Fiery Brown patterns gives a little more definition and contrast to the body area, contrasting nicely with the G.P. feathers, the deer hair, and the gold rib. A good pattern from May onwards once the terrestrials get going. Worked well for me on several of the Orkney lochs in 2011, as well as Stocks reservoir and Llyn Brenig at heather fly time. Dyed orange G.P. feathers make for a nice alternative on the FBM too.


Bugger's Muddle - Fiery Bugger

Hook: Size 10 or 12 Kamasan B175, B170 or B160.

Butt: Flat gold tinsel.

Rib: Oval gold.

Body: Seals fur mix: Fiery brown & 'Ant black'.

Body Hackle: Ginger or red game hen.

Shoulder Hackle: Two GP body feathers -  natural red & yellow.

Head: Natural deer hair.

​Thread: Black UTC 70 or 140 Denier.


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